About Airbrushing

If you are confused about the difference between the airbrush makeups and traditional, you are not alone. The most often question from clients is “What is airbrushing?”

Airbrush is a form of makeup that is literally sprayed onto your skin. There is no over-spray or mess. It can be described as getting an “air-massage”, very gentle and some say relaxing. It is designed to cover up up all blemishes, unwanted beauty marks, tattoos, fine lines, spider veins etc. Airbrush makeup performs best under harsh or sharp lighting, making it a perfect beauty choice for a long event such as a wedding where you have the starring role.

There are countless benefits you will experience when using airbrush makeup. To start with it is more sanitary than ordinary makeup because there are no powder puffs or sponges utilized. Airbrush makeup is extremely lightweight, which will give you a natural look as you stand taking your vows or chat with your guests all through the night. You will not have to be concerned about makeup rubbing off or transferring when you wipe tears, or hug your guests. It requires half the amount to apply when compared to the application of traditional makeup—and it lasts for up to eighteen hours or longer!